Does your dog play all day in the yard?  Do you regularly pick up their poop?  Did you know that taking the time to clean up after your dog helps your family and community safe stay safe?

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Poop Dangers? Yeah there are Poop Dangers – first of all NO ONE likes stepping in dog, poop-it stinks!  Dog poop also poisons the grass and lawns, it carries hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms, and transmits human diseases.

Here’s something you may not know- Dog poop pollutes waterways and is in the same EPA category as oil and mine run off. Not picking up fresh poop before rainfall is worse than letting it sit on a dry day. When the rain washes over dog poop and flows into the drainage system, that contaminated water is carried into local waterways.  This is where you swim, fish and boat.

Dog poop is NOT a fertilizer, in fact it is usually very toxic to plants.  It is very acidic and will kill your grass if left unattended.  Some people think that using dog poop in their gardens as fertilizer is a good thing – it’s not!  It can contaminate your fruits and veggies with harmful bacteria.  Even if you don’t put it in your garden intentionally, runoff can make your produce unsafe.

I mentioned earlier that Dog Poop can carry worms, but did you know it can carry things like Solmonella , Leptospira, EColi, Parvo Virus and roundworms (the CDC show 14% of Americans are infected with roundworms).

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So how do you dispose of dog poop?  When you’re out walking with your dog use biodegradeable bags and throw it in the trash.  Or you can reuse plastic grocery bags to pick it up.

Hire a professional Poop Removal Company!

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Dookies offers several options for your Dog Poop Removal. We do weekly and biweekly pick ups! Not only does it save you some time, it also saves your family and neighbors from all these yuck factors.